Personal Consultation US$38.99

This service is designed for persons who want to get their own Chinese names, by having a personal chat with the site owner (a native Chinese). A 30-minute section is needed for getting a Chinese name through the interaction between you and us on the Skype (text message only but not video call). We will talk about your preferences on the name so as to get one that you feel the most satisfied. This section is highly recommended when you need to carry out business communication in the Asian or Chinese communities.

Suitable for

• Everyone who wants to customize their Chinese names


• Discuss with native Chinese

• Suggested by native Chinese

• Takes into consideration your preference, characteristics, etc.

• Choose the one you like the most

• Affordable

• Positive and great meaning

• Takes into consideration Chinese culture, custom

• Sounds nice

What You Get

• More than 4 names suggestions

• Discuss with native Chinese speaker about the suggested names one by one

• Agree on the one that you feel the most satisfied

• Both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese Hanyu pinyin

• Both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese pronunciation

• Meanings

What to do next?

(1) Register or log in first

(2) Make a payment for Personal Consultation service

(3) Choose the date and 30-minute time log (based on time zone of China) that you would like to talk to us

(4) Provide us your Skype contact information (Skype name and/or email), fill in and submit to us a short questionnaire about your preferences and expectations on getting your own Chinese name

(5) Receive a confirmation email from us about the consultation time schedule and our Skype contact information

(6) Receive 4 sets of Chinese names in 24 hours. Check and think about those names. Get ready for our chatting time

(7) Let us discuss the names via Skype (text message only, not video call)

(8) Ask for more names if necessary, until you get the most satisfactory one

(9) Receive email about the result. You can check its meanings and pronunciations at anytime! Here you got your unique Chinese name!