Thank you. I got my Chinese name and I really like it! I can't wait putting it on my business card and show my name to the partners. The best ever!
2017.07.26 22:38:07
Thank you using us. Happy to hear that you like your Chinese Name.
2017.07.27 12:45:09
I had a Chinese tattoo 1 year ago, could you tell me what it actually means? because the tattoo master is not a native Chinese, I am afraid that he got the wrong one for me.
2017.07.17 17:13:19
thank you for your message. You can go to "Chinese Tattoo Consultation" corner and send to us the picture of your tattoo. We will reply you in 24 hours.
2017.07.18 11:36:43
I love the Chinese word "Dragon", but I am not sure if this suits my name and my personality.
2017.07.05 10:53:20
We can discuss through Personal Consultation service using Skype, if you would like to know details.
2017.07.07 14:25:26
Originally I had no idea about Chinese tattoo, thank you for your patience teaching me details. I have so much confidence, and I want to share the photo about my new chinese character tattoo, i have inbox you.
2017.07.04 09:35:08
Thank you. Happy to talk with you on the Chinese culture and let you know some interesting things about us. Your tattoo is really nice, tattoo is on your body for life so it is important that you got the right one.
2017.07.04 11:10:22
Having been searching for years to get my Chinese name. So satisfied with my Chinese name that pronouns similar to my name Sandra, at the same time having great meaning.
2017.06.27 08:52:16
Congratulations! Not all names can get Chinese name that has similar pronunciation. Enjoy~
2017.06.27 17:00:28
I used Automatic Generator. I got 4 names, but I cannot make a decision which one I should use, though I know their meanings and pronunciation.
2017.06.26 20:32:58
No worry, pick the one that you like most according to the pronunciation. Or try our Personal Consultation so that we can discuss together.
2017.06.27 16:55:40
I have been looking for a good Chinese name for a while, and finally I came to here. I really love my chinese name which suits my personality!!! This can't be better than that. Wanna add my Chinese name to my business card immediately! Thank you.
2017.06.26 10:22:41
Thank you and happy that you found the name that fits you!
2017.06.27 16:54:08
My name is Simon, from Sydney. I live near the Chinese Town and my friends there all call me Chinese name 西门 (西 means West, 门 means door). I think the real Chinese name may not like this. I read the methodology you use to get a Chinese name. I think it sounds reasonable and reliable.
2017.06.22 09:50:18
Hello Simon, every Chinese word has its meaning behind, but not every single one is suitable for picking up as a good Chinese name.
2017.06.24 16:56:31
I got my name 志仁, it has great meaning of ambitious and generous. Thank you so much this is a good name for me.
2017.06.21 21:27:12
志仁 , thank you coming here. Yes Chinese word has many meanings behind, and it is important to get a good one and fits you. Enjoy!!
2017.06.24 16:54:24
Thank you. I got my Chinese name! I can hardly image my Chinese Name can be so beautiful....I like Chinese culture and especially the words have their own meaning behind. There are so many chinese words and you cannot easily find the appropriate one for your name. This site provides the RIGHT thing!
2017.06.20 15:27:26
Thank you. Happy to hear that you like your Chinese Name~
2017.06.20 15:30:14

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