Chinese Tattoo Consultation

Any doubt or hesitation about having the Chinese Tattoo? Tattoo books are full of errors - some extremely embarrassing and disgusting. Please do not make the mistake of getting a Chinese tattoo without consulting a native Chinese. Many translations found online are incomplete, sometimes completely incorrect, or even mirrored (reversed) by digital cameras and printers. It's really sad to have tattoos that mean something completely different from what they intended, or tattoos that are written backwards. Tattoo is a lifelong decision, just a small effort could have helped avoid such mistakes.

Now send us the picture, the text or Chinese character you would want to confirm before really get the Tattoo! Let us explain the exact meanings of them, and whether they are suitable for Tattoo. Just US$5 and we guarantee you won't get regret having the Tattoo.

Step 1: Pay US$5 for each case via

Step 2: Send email to us -, and attach the pictures, texts, etc. Write to us about your case. Remember to use your same email as you login your paypal account, so we can recognize you who had paid.

Step 3: Wait for our reply in 24 hours

There are Traditional Chinese character and Simplified Chinese character used as the official written language in Chinese communities. But, it is highly recommended to take Traditional Chinese character for Chinese tattoo because Traditional Chinese character has a history of over 4000 years, while Simplified Chinese character was promoted by the Chinese government in the 1950’s in an attempt to increase literacy. When someday you visit the museum and you may find that the words on those Chinese antiques are all Traditional Chinese character.

Traditional Chinese characters are more complex with more strokes, and therefore you might be able to guess the word’s related meaning, as the character can be a combination of different characters. 

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