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Various features of a Chinese Name

  • October 5, 2017
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The best thing about the Chinese names is that existing words are only used to create new names. The way people name their child in the western culture just by putting together we letters, such a practice is not done in the Chinese culture.  While on the other hand none of the parents of the western culture would even think of naming their child morning, but it is a very common norm in China to name their child with such names especially if they are born in the morning.

In general, the norm is that each Chinese name has three characters. The first character is the family name while a remaining couple of characters are the given name of the individual. On certain occasions, people from Mainland China might also have just a single character in their name. While choosing a name for a baby girl the entire responsibility lies with the parents. It is their job to make sure that the name is harmonious and also the characters must combine together in order to bring good luck as well as prosperity to the baby girl.

Picking a Chinese name is not such an easy affair rather there are multiple aspects related to it. Even after lots of astrological calculations each Chinese name consultation involves further consideration. Most of the parents want their baby girl to have a feminine name whereas the baby boy should have proper masculine name. Various girl names are decided by adding characters which include beauty, kindness, elegance, virtues as well as flowers just to name a few.

Customarily all of the Chinese characters have a specific meaning when they are translated into the English language, but the Chinese names cannot be translated so easily. The characters are chosen for their significance and harmony, but the combined characters usually don’t have a meaning.

So a Chinese name generator can come up with various complex looking names which are decided after lot of consultation and discussion. The names when simplified give very modest and logical meaning to the name of an individual.



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