tattoos in China

Tattoos in China

  • October 27, 2017
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There is a famous saying that not to judge a book by its cover. But if it is about Chinese tattoos then you can judge the book by its cover. Chinese culture is little subtle especially when it is about the citizens. In China, one usually looks like the part of life they are playing. If you look like a wicked man, you are a wicked man. If you look like a conservative and reserved lady then that is most likely what you actually are. Obviously, there are some exceptions but more often than not people like to showcase their personality, behavior, and job by their outward appearance. And the same case holds true with Chinese tattoos.

Tattoos in details:

Across the globe, tattoos are usually equated with rock stars, gangsters but in the west tattoos are increasing and becoming a cool style statement among the common people. You would find a number of designer tattoos in positions and places that you would fail to imagine. A calm and shy librarian might own a Chinese back tattoo. In films, a character with tattoos is considered someone very tough but in real life, tattoos are spreading their claws winning the hearts of the large mass.

Chinese people prefer to display and thus they prefer to have tattoos on their body that could imply his or her nature. There are a variety of tattoos are available from small to large. Choosing the right position for a tattoo is really essential. If you choose your lower back for your tattoo then people might judge you as an independent and confident lady who finds it comfortable showcasing her skin. If you choose your upper arm or shoulder it may seem that you are a sports person. Chinese symbols and letters of friendship are often used as tattoos in Chinese letters.

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