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Superstars like Chinese Tattoo! The Difference between Success and Failure

  • October 2, 2017
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Tattoo is not only a body decoration, but also a piece of art and there are concepts of meaning behind. Chinese tattoo has been very popular in the Western countries, we can see many superstars got Chinese tattoo, but, who can also get a good one like David Beckham? Let us see the difference between successful and failed ones.


David Beckham with Chinese Tattoo

Successful group #1: David Beckham

He is a super-fan of body tattoo, as you may know from his various kinds of tattoo symbols on body. This photo shows “生死有命,富貴由天” Chinese proverb, meaning both the life-span and how rich one person will be is already arranged by the God, as a person cannot control any of these things and just does his best. This tattoo is written in cursive style of calligraphy giving stylish impression.

Megan Fox


Successful group #2: Megan Fox

Actress and model Megan Fox has a Chinese tattoo “Power”or ”Strength” on her back neck, at where she can cover the tattoo by long hair if she likes.

marat saffin

Successful group #3: Marat Safin

Marat is a Russian retired professional tennis player. He has Chinese tattoo “Monkey” at his left arm, “Monkey” is Marat’s Chinese Zodiac (monkey is the symbol of his birth year in China) which already has great meaning for Westerners.


Angelina Jolie

Failure group #1: Angelina Jolie (at early age)

Sexy icon Angelina at her early age had a Chinese Tattoo “Death” at her back. The main reason for Chinese tattoo fails is the lack of knowledge about the meaning behind the character. Luckily, she did remove this tattoo.


Justin Bieber

Failure group#2: Justin Bieber

In this photo Justin Bieber has Chinese tattoo written in simplified character meaning “Fear/Terrify”. Do you want a tattoo which has negative meaning?


Justin Timberlake

Failure group #3: Justin Timberlake

On Justin’s arm the tattoo “Ice Skating” is a fake tattoo for the sake of filming, but it may be a joke if it is a real Chinese tattoo which has no positive meaning at all. But if you want to show others what kind of sport you like you can get it as a tattoo.

Tattoo is a life-long symbol on your body, make sure you get reliable source so the meaning really means what you think it does.

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