Funny Stories about Having Chinese Tattoos

  • October 2, 2017
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The Westerners tend to like to have Chinese characters for tattoos. We can see people on their arms, necks, and feet having tattoos such as “ice skating”, “pain”, “poor”, etc. and even no actual meaning behind and weird characters, these all make people especially the Chinese who understand Chinese character feel funny and strange.

A lady Miss Zhang went to enjoy the concert Wango Tango at Home Deport Center. The group of youngsters who stood in front of her all got tattoos. One of them with the Chinese tattoo meaning “gas” on his right side of body. Miss Zhang and her friends felt puzzled and were guessing what he wanted to express of this tattoo. The boy told them his uncle also got the same tattoo, and therefore he got the same because the tattoo looked cool. But he felt shocked and embarrassed and his friends all laughed at him when Miss Zhang told him the real meaning of his tattoo.

Mr. Xu remembered his African colleague and mentioned she had a tattoo which was very shocking. His colleague was graduated from a famous university at where she got her master degree. On her leg, she had a Chinese tattoo “rooster”. The first time Mr. Xu saw her tattoo he was about to faint. He asked her the reason of getting this tattoo, she replied that she was born in the Chinese year of “rooster”, so there was nothing better than using this character to represent her. She asked him, ‘Do you think it is so creative?’ Mr. Xu did not tell him the truth that “rooster” in Chinese culture could also symbolize “sex worker” which is a negative meaning and people tend to avoid using this sensitive word on various conditions.

Young people nowadays would like to be independent and show their uniqueness from others. Sometimes they want to be outstanding among the peer group and so they do something outside the border. Getting special, weird, crazy meaning tattoo is one kind of way to gain others’ attention. Well, there is no rule restricting people from having meaningless tattoo, as long as you realize the real meaning of the tattoo you have on your body, and it fits what you want.

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