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Choosing the perfect Chinese name!

  • October 13, 2017
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Shakespeare said- “What’s in a name?” But, the fact is a name is of immense significance. It is that one word with which people know you with. How can you simply obliterate its significance? Then, there is another notion associated with it, that with it is related the entire personality of an individual. Hence, it is absolutely fine when you find the parents of a new born baby, researching about the names.

That said, the Chinese culture has always had a lot of emphasis on naming appropriately. They have this strong belief that the name has a lot of impact on the destiny and fate of a child. Hence, when chinese names are chosen for a child or an individual, astrologers, monks and even the fortune tellers are consulted.

Again, there are some interesting facts which govern the entire system.

Like, Chinese surname depicts the clan or the kin they belong to. You cannot pick any surname for yourself. It is predestined. In accordance with the culture, it is considered a part of their inheritance. The surname comes at the front of the name. The names are made up of 2, 3 or 4 characters. And, the surname has 1 or 2 characters. The representation of the same is so beautiful and intricate that people are allured to choose amongst them.

It is for this acumen that there are websites which enable users to create a good, meaningful and a fortunate name for their child or kin. These have a good collection of names in their database along with the chinese name meaning. You can always refer to these sites which make the work hassle free. It is easy to register with them. You will be on the receiving end of the perfect name for your loved ones.

So, go ahead and select the best name for you!

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