Automatic Generator US$1.99

A group of commonly used English names (more than 2,000 names) are translated into Chinese name, in relation to phonetics, Chinese meaning, and Chinese culture. They are not translated by the computer, but by human (here the site owner – a native Chinese). All the names are stored in the site's database. You can just type in your First name and Family name to get the real Chinese name. If your name is not yet found in the database you can still get the real Chinese name by submitting your information to us, and wait for the reply in 24 hours. It is a 100% translation by a native Chinese and not by a computer.

Suitable for

• Business professional

• Students

• Everyone


• Suggested by native Chinese

• Affordable

• Positive meaning

• Takes into consideration Chinese culture, custom

• Sounds nice

What You Get

• 4 names suggestions

• Both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese Hanyu pinyin

• Both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese pronunciation

• Meanings

What to do next

(1) Register or log in first

(2) Type in your First Name, Family Name and information, check “Get a Name”

(3) If your name is ready in our database, you will be asked to make a payment of US$1.99. After payment is successfully done, the result will be immediately shown in your user center, as well as sent to your email. The names result consists of 4 sets of Chinese names, including the Mandarin and Cantonese pinyin, pronunciations and meaning explanations.

(4) If your name is not yet ready in the database, you will be given an option of either submitting your name's information to consultant or proceeding to Personal Consultation service. 'Submit to consultant' just costs US$3.99, we will reply you in 24 hours by email. You can then check the results in your user center on the website.

(5) The most efficient way to get a unique Chinese name is to use Personal Consultation service from which you can talk and discuss directly with us about your preferences and expectations on the name. Join now and only costs US$38.99!