About Chinese Name

English and Chinese are two completely unrelated languages. So their naming cultures are widely different. In Chinese culture, a Chinese name consists of surname and given name. A Chinese given name can be any word or character, there is not a strong distinction between a regular word and a name, although in practice some characters are used more often than others. Therefore, there is no standard way of translating a name from foreign languages into Chinese. Chinese characters can be chosen which approximate the pronunciation.

Chinese name: Surname and Given name

In Chinese culture, names generally have 2 or 3 or 4 characters. The surname, which is usually 1 character and sometimes 2 characters, comes first. The followings are 1 or 2 characters (the given name) which are chosen by the parents (or the grandparents in traditional Chinese culture). While Chinese has a relatively limited set of surnames, given names can be picked from the whole language. In addition, Chinese name has lot of emphasis on its meaning itself, people may prefer choosing intricate and beautiful representations of words and meaning for the given name.

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