Choose a 30-minute for Personal Consultation to get your own chinese name

All Chinese names here are translated by me, who is a native Chinese speaker. I studied Chinese culture and society, modern Chinese language, and Chinese philosophy. With the combination of my knowledge and growing background, I intended to provide you a good and appropriate Chinese name. In Chinese society, a name gives the 1st impression of your personality to people, so it is believed that a good name can help you gain respect from people and good impression.

3 different methods of getting your own Chinese name are provided:

1. Personal Consultation: the best way to get your unique Chinese name, by chatting on Skype with me (text message only). The name can be made based on your preferences, you will be given the best knowledge of the reasons, culture and explanations of the names, along with the audio link of the pronunciation.

2. Automatic Generator: over 2,000 names have been prepared by me, I have translated them into Chinese name, according to phonetics, Chinese meaning and culture, wherever the best will be applied. The names are stored in the database, and you can get the Chinese name (along with explanations, pronunciation, etc.) immediately upon a little payment. I guarantee the names are all reliable and this service provides the most affordable option.

3. Submit to Consultant: As mentioned above, there are only around 2,000 names in the database. Therefore, your name may not be covered yet. This offer is an alternative affordable option, through which you submit your name to me, and I will get you back in 24 hours. You will receive the Chinese names, along with explanations, pronunciation, etc.

Here I guarantee you can find reliable, appropriate and nice Chinese name.

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What our happy customers are saying ......
“Having been searching for years to get my Chinese name. So satisfied with my Chinese name that pronouns similar to my name Sandra, at the same time having great meaning.  ”
Sandra Gonzales 龔秀婷
Nevade, USA
“I really love my chinese name which suits my personality!!! This can't be better than that. Wanna add my Chinese name to my business card immediately!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ”
Michael Cole 張文傑
Florida, USA
“I can hardly image my Chinese Name can be so beautiful....I like Chinese culture and especially the words have their own meaning behind. There are so many chinese words and you cannot easily find the appropriate one for your name.”
Velma Steward 孫慧雯
New South Wales, Australia

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